Five First Date Conversations

Two TalkingFinding the right conversation for that first date can be difficult. You don’t want to seem too eager, too dull, too eccentric, but just that right balance of interesting and fun. In this article, we help you find the right first date conversation for that first date!

Tell me about your job

Asking about your date’s job is a great first question. It will be easy to answer (after all, you spend 8 hours a day there), and is an unintrusive question. When you ask what someone does, there are plenty of questions that should stem off: is your workplace nearby? How long have you been there? Do you think you will stay there, or do you secretly plan on running away and becoming a baker one day?

How do you spend your weekends?

This is a question you should be prepared to ask, and prepared to answer. It’s your first date, so you can stretch the truth a little to make yourself seem slightly more interesting: if you went rock climbing recently, you might want to say you try and spend a couple hours on the wall every other weekend (an exaggeration, but you are planning on it, right?). If you listen carefully to what your date says, you will find plenty of other first date questions to ask:

  • Your date likes reading? Ask about their favourite book!
  • Training for the marathon? Ask if this is their first marathon? Are they running for charity?
  • A secret lighting designer? Ask about one of their recent projects!

Do you have any siblings?

Maybe they do, maybe they don’t. If they do, ask if they are the youngest or eldest, and what kind of relationship they have with their brothers and sisters. If they don’t have siblings, maybe make a joke about how they must have been spoilt and ask a few questions about what is was like growing up alone.

Beach or city holidays?

This question leads nicely into a conversation about previous holidays and future travel plans. Have you travelled much? Do you plan on doing more? Favourite place? Least favourite? Backpacker or flashpacker?

Favourite type of food?

Dinner dates always make a great second date, so this question is actually a crafty way to work out where to go next time. Try and keep an open mind: if you have never had sushi, maybe it is about time you had someone introduce you to it!

Want more first date conversations?

If you like very light and extremely fun first date conversations then check out Two Can Meet. We organise drinks parties at hidden city locations: where we combine the casualness of a bar environment with folk that shares similar interests to you. Our hosts gradually guide you around so that you get to meet everyone and find the perfect person.

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4 thoughts on “Five First Date Conversations

  1. Rolf

    Doesn’t asking someone about their job immediately put them in a socioeconomic pigeonhole? Or is socieconomic compatibility an important aspect of a date?

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